Stay Powered with a Generac Generator

A power outage at any time of the year is a hassle we all can do without. During the winter, however, as we all know, it’s especially horrible. The home is where the heart is, after all.

Purchasing a standby generator just might be one of the most proactive things you can for your family. But, which generator should you invest in? Aren’t they expensive? Aren’t they noisy and dirty and cost a lot to run? Furthermore, don’t most only supply emergency power to the things plugged directly into them and aren’t suited for sensitive electronics like laptops or cellphones? Don’t generators need to be refueled, checked and maintained….who has the time to do that?


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These are, of course, all valid concerns that we are happy to address. The Generac standby generator is powered by your home’s existing natural gas supply, meaning it doesn’t need to be refueled. The Generac standby generator can also power entire circuits and everything on those circuits, including sensitive electronics. It doesn’t sound like a ranch tractor while running and starts working in just minutes when there is a power failure. Best of all, it is cheap to operate, maintains itself, and even runs a short self-check once a week to ensure that it’s in perfect working condition when you need it.

The biggest question that you should ask yourself is: 'What do I want to run on a generator'? Our staff is happy to help you identify what size of generator you need for your home, based on your current home size and what you are looking to run! Give us a call today at 519-845-9915 to discuss a Generac Generator for you and your family.


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