Safety Barrier Notice: Effective 2015


As of January 1, 2015, all fireplace manufacturers must include safety screens or protective barriers to reduce the potential for accidental contact with glass windows. This new standard applies to all units manufactured after December 31, 2014, and must be installed with the unit, and reinstalled after any maintenance visits. Fireplaces manufactured prior to this date can be installed with a safety screen, and are available as long as quantities are available.

Some manufacturers have discontinued and replaced current units with similar, safety-barrier approved units; whereas others have incorporated the screen into existing units. All of our manufacturers have done their best to create a safe alternative to fireplace glass fronts, while still maintaining the visual appeal that we all know and love.

Come into our Wyoming showroom, or contact us by phone or email to find out more information!

Please note that parts and service will continue to be available for discontinued models, along with certain non-mandatory accessories.

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