Let's Talk BBQs: Napoleon P500RSIB

Spring is here, so let's talk barbecues! The Napoleon Prestige 500 RSIB is one of our best-selling barbecues, so we’re going to showcase it with some of its features. We’ll be looking over other models in upcoming weeks, but let’s start here.

This model comes in propane or natural gas (as do the majority of our cart barbecues). The RSIB model has three colours available: stainless steel, charcoal or black. It hosts a rear burner that bumps rotisserie from good to amazing, as well as a side burner for searing.

So, how big is it?

The assembled dimensions with both shelves up are: 50-1/4” high x 66-1/3" wide x 26" deep

Because the left side has a side burner, you won't be able to fold that down; however, if space is an issue, the right side does fold down or can be removed altogether.

The grill itself is 28" wide x 17-3/4" deep, and if you're like me trying to decide what all can fit: it's 31 burgers. It's a great size for a family of 2 to 4, but it can also keep up with the occasional large party. If you regularly host larger gatherings and are worried that this size might be actually a little too small: keep reading. We have a larger model of this barbecue with all of the same features.

Worried that this might be too big? If you're doing some light cooking, you can turn on whichever burners you need. Because the burners run front to back, it's still an even cook.

Though this barbecue can hold a lot, it's nice to be able to space food out when doing a full cook. Imagine a few steaks, a couple of baked potatoes, a small army of buttered mushrooms, and perhaps a couple ears of corn to finish it off! Suddenly this grill is the perfect size.

Two of the biggest things that we hear back from families of two with little or no company to BBQ for:

1. They don't regret choosing this size

2. They experiment with it a lot more

What are some features that make this barbecue stand out?

There are lots of features for this model, but we'll narrow it down to five things we discuss with people in the store a lot.

Coloured Knobs: Press the on button for optional light-up blue knobs! If the burners are on, knobs turn to red. The knobs will always go red regardless if you have the blue lights on or off, which is a great feature for peace of mind! These run on battery back-up for this model, so no hydro required until you use your rotis.

Roll-top Lid: All Prestige models pivot open in a roll-top style, instead of a clam-shell design. This means that when your lid is open, half of your grill is still covered! That means less of a wind cross-blowing along your grill, and less heat-loss when the lid is open - especially on cooler days.

Quality: High-grade stainless steel prevents these barbecues from not only rusting out, but losing their visual appeal. The Napoleon Prestige series uses a 304 stainless steel, which is more corrosion-resistant than its 430 counterpart that you'll see in many other barbecues. The warranty on these barbecues are top-notch (which we'll explain more about below).

Infrared Sizzle Zone Side Burner: Great for searing meat OR for pots or pans. Comes standard in porcelain-enameled cast iron, but can be upgraded to stainless. Adjusts to two different heights depending on what type of heat you need.

Rear Burner & Rotisserie: The rear burner is used for when you are using the rotisserie, but can also be used similar to the top element in an oven. And don't forget - the rotis isn't just for meat! If you haven't had a seasoned grilled pineapple for dessert, add it to your menu. There are also add-on attachments you can invest in, such as a kebab spit or tumble basket. The tumble basket is one of our most popular accessories and is great for wings, fries, and veggies!

So you said the warranty was top-notch?

Any and all warranty on our Napoleon grills are done in-house. We have a copy of your invoice already from your purchase with us, so the process goes something like this:

Step 1: Call us or stop in, and tell us what's going on. We might need a picture.

Step 2: If your part isn't available, we'll order it.

Step 3: We send you home with the new one.

No hassle. No shipping fees. No discontinued or hard-to-find parts after a few years.

Napoleon has been a great company to work with for warranty, which is a big benefit to everyone involved. Not to mention, they have the best grill warranty on paper, guaranteeing that this will be the last barbecue you will need to purchase for a LONG time!

Their limited lifetime warranty is broken down like this:

Aluminum castings / stainless steel base: Lifetime

Stainless steel, or porcelain enamel lid: Lifetime

Stainless steel cooking grids: Lifetime

Stainless steel tube burners: 10 years full coverage, plus 50% off for life

Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grids: 10 years full coverage, plus 50% off for life

Stainless steel sear plates: 5 years full coverage, plus 50% off for life

Stainless steel infrared rotisserie burner: 5 years full coverage, plus 50% off for life

Ceramic infrared burners (excluding screen): 5 years full coverage, plus 50% off for life

All other parts: 2 years

What units are similar to this model?

There are a couple of notable units that are very similar to the Prestige 500 RSIB.

Prestige 500: Really don't want a rotisserie, rear burner or side burner? The Prestige 500 has all the same features, but without the three items listed above.

Prestige 665RSIB: All the same features of the 500, but with more grilling space. Grilling area is 18 x 36.87" (41 burgers). Cart dimensions are: 50-1/4" high x 75" wide x 26-1/2" deep.

Prestige 500RSIB Ambiance: An upgraded barbecue that comes in charcoal only, this Ambiance model is the 500RSIB with PRO features. It has a stainless steel side burner, upgraded warming rack, and upgraded lid thermometer.

So what now?

Grilling season is here, so we have good stock in both natural gas and propane units. We offer free assembly, test-fire and delivery anywhere in Lambton County, and are still offering no-contact delivery during this time. We are also allowing one-on-one appointments with customers in the showroom, so you can see before you buy!

Have questions or want to talk about which grill will be the best fit for you?

Call us at 519-845-9915

Email us at orders@villagefireplaceshop.com

Chat online with us by hitting the chat button at the bottom of our website!

Happy grilling!

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